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First Name * SRISUWAN
Last Name * SKAN
Username * FIDUCIOSE
Country * Singapore
City Singapore
Nationality Thai
Languages EnglishThai


Current Position Artist;Educator / Instructor
Areas of Expertise Digital PaintingGames ComputerGames ConsoleGames MobileGames OnlinePrintingillustration
Preferred Tools PhotoshopCharacters




My Name is Skan Srisuwan freelance illustrator character design and concept art.

I was born in Bangkok Thailand in 1983. I love to draw since I was a kid, after high school I get to Silpakorn University in Faculty of Fine Arts major painting and graduated in 2005.

My work experience starts when I get to University. I’m start working with summoner master card game as illustrator and designer that can freely develop my own style and character for them to choose and match with their cards and I get to work with another title later. I work for card games only till I graduate. In the first two years, I paint it all in oils to train my basics and learn to paint in digital medium in the 3rd years works. About CG paint I learn it all by myself, trying many different tools and clicking all panel and button to find my best tools to work. So, it takes a long time till I can control it all and make it all right with my mouse and few tools.

About my style, I develop fantasy style with card games and learn what’s good or bad by testing from people’s feedback when published, it’s like a real life education that client’s feedback is my test result. And develop my favorite mechanic style in University and graduated with semi-abstract works in oil.

In the 5th years, I wrote a tutorial about CG paint in CG painting2 book, that’s the first time I combine all experience in 1 piece and make my first master piece “Pepper tundra”.

After graduated, I learn to participate online community like and . I post my Pepper tundra works for my first post and then follow with Conductor for CG challenge. After I got some critical feedback for a while IFS ask me to work with them and my online freelance life began that time.

Now I'm working as an art director at imaginary friend studio at Singapore , learn alotta thing at this moment~


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